Super Cookie Brick Breaker

Super Cookie Brick Breaker


An arcade game whose keys are ability and good work
If you enjoyed and had fun with a game like Arkanoid, if breaking bricks can keep you hooked on the screen… Super Cookie Brick Breaker is the game you´ll fall in love with.
Hundreds of steps to discover, lots of candies and exciting worlds to face up to…

At each stage the bricks are different.
☆ First world with friendly trees, nice clouds and blue skies as travel partner. Mind you, you have to pay attention to your enemies; “the flies” which force you to bring out the best in yourself against slow or rapid balls.
☆ In the second world loads of sugar: cookies, cupcakes, candyfloss and tasty cakes distract you from your aim: breaking each and every brick. Warning, “the Bombs” are your new enemies and both, bombs and flies band together to win you.
☆ Ice cream cones, chocolate wafers and lollipops play a leading role in the third world. A new friend or enemy, depends on the moment, appears to join forces with flies and bombs, The blue and yellow teletransporters. They bind you to focus on your pad and ball carefully.
☆ In the fourth world… wrap yourself up! The ice, scoops of ice cream and slushies follow you with the balls from your pad to the bricks.

Attention! Your usual opponents are joined by smiling snowflakes which make you lose control of your ball.
☆ Also, rise to the Haunted House challenge in each level where you can release a new pet beating scary ghosts (actually, the ghosts are not so bad but the mansion is dark and frightening).
☆ Now, you can´t miss our ten gloomy levels hidden in the mysterious cave with a magic treasure chest.
☆ Make your way and find yummy chests full of surprises.
☆ Finally, before moving to the next world you must fight against the MonoMalote´s mischieves. A very baddy arcade boss.

The piggish POWER UPS When you break the bricks sweet pills falling from the skies giving you powers: large pad, super ball, rapid ball, extra life, magneto, multi-ball, slow ball or small ball. Be careful, some of these powers can complicate your round. And your life. Run away from them, if you can!
Back and forth ball decking bricks. Simplicity and morish at the same time.
Absolutely free game, no in-app payments. Pay nothing at all.



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