Bad San Fermin Bullrun Revenge

Bad San Fermin Bullrun Revenge

6th June, noon. A flock of people, sweating and a huge amount of wine and drinks take place in Pamplona´s hall square. After the starting signal txupinazo jogs and stamping are the beginning of the crazy San Fermin: hooray San Fermin! Gora San Fermin!


Feel San Fermin… in the bull's shoes. Moooo!

City's old town, Santo Domingo hill… No one can get the bullring!

Bull, this is your goal: ensure that no one reachs the Monumental bullring, cover as much ground as possible as quickly as possible without tripping over obstacles and bumping into each runner in sanfermines.


So big that you could say it's a brand new game, so new it was made from scratch, keeping the essence and adding juicy new upgrades.

Now you can reach the Bullring (Plaza de Toros) to recharge your batteries, grab as many coins as you can, and stop ahead of the next wave of runners. But be careful! this time they will come for you too!

Some runners have armed themselves with containers and will try to stop you. MIND THE SIGNS!

☆ To not be at the end of the line, sharpen your horns with the new POWER-UPS! Collect all the cards you see in the game and exchange them for lever ups for these power-ups:

  • Magnet: No coin will resist coming to you.
  • Shield: You'll be invincible! Also, all the obstacles you destroy will give you extra coins.
  • Stampide: Call your bull friends and form an indestructible barrier around you to destroy everything.
  • Multiplier: Multiply every coin you pick up.
  • Rocket Speed: You'll be launched like a rocket and advance faster destroying everything in front of you.

... and remember, the more you upgrade the power-ups, the longer they'll be active.

Not enough? Don't worry, you can also upgrade your bull and improve it to have more lives, and fasten the dodge time. Don't let the Bull cards you find in the game escape. If this is not enough, you can recharge lives picking the hearts appearing in the game.

Now you can use the revive tokens to revive after you have crashed. You can get them by spinning for free the DAILY ROULETTE where you could also get lots of coins and power-up cards to upgrade them.

Don't be one of the bunch and stand up, now you can dress up your bull with new skins and trails to personalize your bull and make it unique.

Ah! last but not least! If you're into draining some adrenaline, you should try the SURVIVAL MODE where you'll have to survive the longest in a top speed run without the chance to revive. Compete with others in the unique SURVIVAL RANKING, show them who's the real king of the Sanfermines!



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